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Custom Hardware:

                    These pictures really show the job requests I get for Hardware, Fire Screens, Dutch Oven Doors,

                Latches & Deadbolts, Cooking Utensils, Handles, Table Legs, Signs,  Weathervanes, Hasps,

                   Glass Display Shelves, Coat Racks, Old Machine Repairs, Water Powered Mill Parts,

                    Special Brackets, and even the addition of a Bronze Bell Mount for good measure.



                                                  Castle Door Hardware



                        Forged Arrow socket - to solve railing shrinkage problem in log home



                                                                            Fire Doors with lower draft



                             Shows how the frame will be held in the opening - ready for the mason



                                    Fire Screen installed at Flying Goose Pub - New London NH



                    Night time blocker panels in place to cut chimney draft - lower vent allows smoke release

                        while keeping the heat in the building



                                                     Forged BBQ Fork cooling on the anvil



     Legs for "Burl Coffee Table" done in collaboration with William Doub Furniture Maker




                                    Custom Bell Arch Bracket on Lakeshore




                       Sketch of Art Nouveau Latches for Large Double Entry Door Set




                     Latches forged from Silicon Bronze with Ginkgo leaf element





                                Deadbolts for 250 lb doors in Hurricane area - Silicon Bronze & Iron




                                          Finished Door with deadbolts and bronze latches




                                                     Close up of Deadbolts


                                                                     Screen Door Hardware to accent log home detail




                                                              Signage on a Stone Wall





                                        Sketch of proposed Hardware Store Weather Vane





                             Weather Vane under construction in shop





                                      Weather Vane installed on Store Roof






                                                Reworked Cast Iron Doors & new Forged Hardware






                           Dutch Oven Door and Frame for Rebuilt "Summer Kitchen" Hearth





                                                 Decorative Hinges for Barn Loft Door





                                                                                Fire Screen






                                            Forged Handle Detail on Fire Screen





                                             Sign Bracket at Local Pub





                                              Hasp for Wine Cellar Doors





                                             Glass & Iron Kitchen Shelves





                                                Close up of Glass Shelves



                    Re-pouring Babbitt Bearings to refurbish a large wood cutting band saw




                                                                   Coat Rack





                                        Lift up Curtain Rod & Hook






           Vertical Sash Saw Sawmill Forged Hardware - Main Dog & Staples






                                            Drive Dogs & Set Pawl for sawmill






                     Pivoting Dogs for Head Block on Sawmill along with Bolt thru Pivots






                Forged Hardware for water powered sawmill - installed on Head & Tail blocks



           Ralph at Platen Table flattening straps that will become tension hoops for water powered grist mill

                                                (finished hoops shown in next picture)



                      The Water Wheel Shaft for a Grist Mill under construction

                        The Forged Tension Hoops held in the old style "Gudgeon Bearings" on the ends





                 Fireplace Crane with Pintles installed (after masonry was completed)






                                                 Small Sign Bracket for Rural Shop




                                                                       A Flag Bracket underway  in the shop






                        Horse drawn hay loader refurbished and Track system made for barn loft






                                            Iron Brackets for Spiral Stair Rail





                                    Large 10 inch Door Pulls for Barn Door Sliders




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